What is "dl.ipcsuite.com"?

It can be simply said, dl.ipcsuite.com is a large and absolutely permanent storage for any sorts of files, but also is a big server provider to who need files storage service.

Contact us

We, the dl.ipcsuite team, are always happy to hear from all our new and old users. So, if you need to know more details or have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.Our e-mail is: ipcsuite@gmail.com

What do we get?

Enterprise Grade Dedicated Servers

We gets high quality dedicated servers and hard drivers to let you store any files you want, We've built outstanding servers systems with Intel quad-core processors and disposed them in corners of China, which provides the best performance for the price.

Non-Stop Technical Support

To make your files permanent available, our experienced staff is available year around to provide the professional level of support to our customers.

Reliable Network and Reasonable Price

We can provide a solid and low latency connection to our dedicated server, the better service asks for lower price.

Collaborate with us to get permanent storage

We are continually looking for opportunities to make our offerings and our service for more and more business partners, if you're looking for permanent storage for your website, don't hesitate to contact us.

Current business partner:

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